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Are you looking to improve your English in a fun and interesting way? Bored of studying grammar books or coursebooks which do not prepare you for the real world? Think you don't have the vocabulary to express yourself confidently? Then I am here to help make learning English fun and accessible.

I am Michael, a qualified native English teacher from London who has been teaching for 3 years. I have a background in English language, literature, and creative writing, and also completed over 200 hrs TEFL training. During my time teaching I have helped students improve their conversational / general English, Business English and prepare for language exams.

Learning a new language begins with surrounding yourself with it and developing the confidence to use it as often as possible. The advantage of learning English is that it is used everywhere from tourism and entertainment to business and academia so most people have a lot more passive English knowledge than they realise.

So how can I help? By providing fun and interesting conversation based classes suited to your individual needs and goals, I will not only focus on helping you to improve and develop your active English use, but also help you discover the confidence to use English in any situation.

Whether you want to use English for the office, for your education, to move abroad or generally want to find the confidence to speak English to anyone at anytime, I can help and motivate you to achieve your goals. And with each lesson will inspire you to use English more and more! And don't worry, no grammar coursebooks involved.

I am available to teach at your preferred location within or close to the city or online.

If you are a university student looking for help with you academic writing, I am also available for proofreading and copy-editing services. Prices depend on the subject and length of your written compositions and on how urgently you required the completed review. Simply send me an email with the details and we can happily discuss a mutual beneficial agreement.

Are you a business owner looking for a copy-writer to create English content, whether it be for advertisements, brochures, or your website. Then dependent on your need and time-frame, I am available to create the perfect content that suits your needs and reaches your clientele. Prices can be agreed upon discussion depending on your needs.

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Budapest VI. kerület (1062)
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